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Gallery 13

2006 / Jacksonville, FL

Design: 13 Minute Production and Duy Ho
Art Direction: Shaun Thurston

Jacksonville Artwalk is a monthly event where artists display their work in various venues in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Using Artwalk as the venue, we set out to introduce other facets of architecture and express the design process as a form of art. Our intention wasn’t to force aesthetic or stylistic preferences in architecture, but rather to examine the possibilities of allowing thoughtful planning, intuition, concept, contemporary technology, public sensitivity, and the human experience to drive design. An important part of this project was its potential to enhance the cultural value of the area. This, in conjunction with the forum for which the project was displayed (Artwalk), made it clear that a gallery component would be appropriate. We felt that we needed the gallery to be large enough to make a significant impact to the context, but not so large and overwhelming that it looked out of place. Ultimately, we agreed upon slicing one bay off of the end of the library, and occupying the roof of the existing building. This allowed enough room for a good-size gallery and also utilized the existing library for support spaces, an amphitheater, and a roof garden.

Gallery 13: North / South Elevations
Gallery 13: Concept Sketches
Gallery 13: Isometric / Sketch / Model
Gallery 13: Main Entrance / Sketch / Model
Gallery 13: Rear Entrance / Sketch / Model
Gallery 13: North-South Section / Sketch
Gallery 13: Cross Sections / Rooftop Cafe / Stair Tower
Gallery 13: North-South Section / Lobby / Light Garden
Gallery13: Reception
Gallery 13
  • Cultural
  • 2006 Unbuilt Award of Merit / AIA Jacksonville Chapter